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Call to check availability:

       (803) 832-4765


  1. We must speak with an adult member of the family to do an initial screening.

  2. If you qualify and we have space, we will invite you into our Day Center for an in-person interview. Families may be asked to bring identification or other paperwork for verification. Guests are subject to a criminal background check and drug test. We also take into consideration past housing history. 

  3. After the interview, Family Promise Staff will discuss intake and the application's status. Families are not guaranteed to enter the program on the same day as the interview. We are not an emergency shelter; this process may take several days.

  4. If your family does not qualify, we will happily direct you towards other contacts that we have in the community to receive services that best meet your family's needs. 

Our Day Center


The Family Promise of the Midlands Day Center gives families a "home base" during their stay in our program. 


At the Day Center, guests work on self-sufficiency plans and meet with staff. We provide transportation to and from the Day Center and to the host church accomodations every day, if necessary. 



To make a referral for a family in need of assistance, please call (803) 832-4765. Please keep in mind that we will also need to speak with an adult member of the family before the family may enter the program.

Program Expectations


  • Based on a model of hospitality, Family Promise of the Midlands has developed Guest Guidelines that every family is expected to follow. In addition to following the guidelines, families must meet with the case manager on a regular basis, reporting progress on the goals from their service plan.


  • Guests are expected to work diligently and consistently on their goals and service plan. A family’s stay in the program is contingent upon whether they follow the program guidelines and work actively on goal attainment.


  • All school-aged children must attend school.


Family Promise helps families transition out of homelessness. We provide intensive case managament to families to assist in meeting their greatest needs.


Most important, we can help families take steps to transition into affordable and sustainable housing


Whether it's searching for a job, locating affordable childcare, applying for financial assistance, or finding housing, we can help. Our goal is to transition families into housing in 90 days. 


Families in our program are provided with shelter, meals, and hospitality. We use churches in the Columbia area to shelter the families in our program. Families stay at each church for one week at a time, moving to a different church each Sunday evening. Families in our program are provided with a private, home-like room to sleep in at night. Families are also given access to shower and laundry facilites.


If your family is not eligible or if we are full, we happily direct you to other services in our community that can best meet your family's needs.

Who is Eligible?


  • Families who are experiencing homelessness. The family must include at least one adult and one child The child(ren) must be18 years old or younger, and school-aged children must attend school.

  • Adults in the family with the ability and desire to secure employment 

  • Families whose members are willing to remain drug- and alcohol free while in the program.


We cannot accept the following families:

  • Those currently escaping domestic violence.

  • Those with significant criminal history.

  • Those with an open Child Protective Services (CPS) case.

  • Those with mental health needs greater than our capacity.

  • Those coming from out-of-state.




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